8 Birds That Spend Their Winters in Michigan

Red Crossbill: Stubby, medium-sized songbird with a crisscrossed bill, found in mature coniferous forests, primarily feeds on conifer and pine seeds, year-round presence in northern Michigan, possesses powerful biting muscles for seed cracking.

Boreal Owl: Small owl with bright eyes, large square head, inhabits various forests across North America and Eurasia, preys on insects, birds, and small mammals, typically found in Michigan's eastern upper peninsula during winter.

Snowy Owl: Large North American owl, heaviest owl by weight, white plumage with distinctive markings, thrives in Arctic Tundra, carnivorous diet including small mammals and birds, winter sightings in Michigan's Upper and Northern Lower Peninsulas.

Horned Lark: Small tan-black bird with distinctive features, commonly spotted in open areas, year-round resident in Southern Michigan, diet includes small seeds, insects, berries, and snails, male horned larks perform singing displays for mating.

Snow Bunting: Rusty white, small to medium-sized bird with white and black wingtips, found in Arctic tundra and open areas, feeds on a mixed diet of seeds, buds, and invertebrates, winter presence throughout Michigan, often referred to as 'snowflakes' due to flock formations.

Dark-Eyed Junco: Medium-sized sparrows with varied regional colorations, adaptable habitat preferences from woodlands to fields, common winter visitors in Michigan, opportunistic feeders consuming grass and weed seeds, nicknamed 'snowbirds' for winter arrival.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker: Medium-sized bird with black-and-white zebra barring and chisel-shaped bill, year-round resident in Michigan's woodlands and suburbs, diverse diet includes berries, fruits, suet, insects, and even small nesting birds.

Hairy Woodpecker: Powerful, medium-sized woodpecker with sturdy beak, found in mature forests, widespread in Michigan year-round, feeds on fruits, seeds, nuts, insects, and suet, males may have a red patch on the back of their heads.