8 Best Smart Toilets of 2024, Tested by Experts

Innate Smart Toilet by Kohler: Kohler's smart toilet combines sleek design with enhancements like precision water control and electrolyzed pre-rinsing, excelling in testing.

S7A Washlet by Toto: Toto's Washlet is a top bidet with easy installation, heated seat, night-light, water temperature controls, and pre-mist feature for bowl cleanliness.

B-0960S Smart Toilet by Woodbridge: Woodbridge's smart toilet offers automatic flush, auto open/close, air purification, and multiple wash options, providing great features at a more affordable price.

Smart Toilet by EPLO: EPLO's smart toilet below $1,000 impresses with warm water cleansing wand, built-in deodorizer, foot sensor-activated flushing, and innovative LED display.

Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet by American Standard: American Standard's bidet toilet features a heated seat, adjustable water temperature, warm-air dryer, auto-flush, and convenient automatic seat open/close.

Karing Elongated Toilet by Kohler: Kohler's sleek smart toilet offers self-cleaning wand, air dryer, adjustable temperature settings, hands-free seat operation, and energy-efficient water use.

Sensowash Starck F Shower Toilet Seat by Duravit: Designed by Philippe Starck, Duravit's Sensowash Starck F offers remote/app operation, automatic open/close, various washing settings, heated seat, and a stylish, space-saving design.