7 Best Sustainable Travel Destinations In 2024

Slumber in a Field of Lightning

In this off-the-grid installation, life imitates art in an enigmatic desert setting 7,200 feet above sea level in Catron County, New Mexico.

Go Back to Ground Zero at The Ranch, Malibu

"The 1920s hacienda-style estate, once a boys' summer camp, now offers 18 private cabins on over 100 acres, featuring common areas, indoor/outdoor dining, two workout facilities, and an organic farm."

Get Cozy in a Private Island Yurt

A small private island ready to welcome adventurers wishing to get out on the sea is located off the coast of Blue Rocks fishing community, which is close to Lunenburg on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. 

Spend the Night in a Skybed in the Okavango Delta

The safari series Natural Selection offers a multi-night sleeping experience that combines two lodges in the heart of the African bush. 

Sleep on the Greenland Ice Sheet

One of the most remote locations on Earth is the luxurious safari-style camp operated by Natural Habitat Adventure close to the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. Experience far-off places that very few people have ever seen in groups of up to 12 guests.

Take a Kimberly Coast Cruise with the Pioneers

"Coral Expeditions' rugged Australian-flagged fleet is designed for exploration. The Kimberly coastal cruise requires a minimum of ten nights from April to September, providing an extensive tour of the remote, ancient area."

Walk on the Wild Side in Zambia

For many years, Robin Pope has been taking small parties into the African wilderness as a pioneer of the guided walking safari.