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7 Tips When Shopping For High-Quality Wall Art

Shop for high-quality paper

When purchasing wall art, it's critical to confirm that the piece was created or printed on premium paper and to check if it contains no acid.

Know your GSM

In relation to paper, it's crucial to understand how much weight the paper your prospective artwork is composed of weighs. Paper thickness is expressed in GSM, or grams per square meter.

Research the gallery before buying

It's crucial to do your homework before buying original artwork from a gallery to make sure the establishment is respectable and has a track record of selling high-quality pieces.

Don't be afraid to haggle

When buying original artwork from a gallery, you might not want to actively haggle over a price reduction with an artist at a craft fair selling their hand-painted greeting cards for $5.

Consider the lightfastness of the materials

When buying unique artwork, it's crucial to find out what materials the creator utilized.

Shop archival quality frames

Once you've selected an artwork to hang, it's critical to frame it in an archival frame with UV protection glass and acid-free matting materials.

Enjoy the art!

The most important thing is to enjoy and feel a connection to the art, whether it's an original piece or just a conventional print.