7 Tips To Make Your Savings Account Completely Untouchable

Limit Access to Funds: Choose a bank with barriers like additional steps for withdrawals to discourage impulsive spending and create a psychological barrier.

Automate Savings: Set up automatic transfers to your savings account with each payday, following a "pay yourself first" approach for consistent and stress-free saving.

Explore High-Yield Options: Consider high-yield savings accounts or certificates of deposit with better interest rates for faster savings growth and protection against inflation.

Establish an Emergency Fund: Create a dedicated emergency fund separate from your main savings to cover unexpected expenses without dipping into long-term savings.

Regularly Reassess Goals: Periodically review and adapt your financial goals and savings strategy to stay aligned with your current financial situation.

Link to Long-Term Goals: Connect your savings to specific long-term financial goals, creating a mental barrier against unnecessary withdrawals for short-term desires.

Use Restricted Accounts: Opt for specialized savings accounts with restrictions on withdrawals, such as retirement or education savings accounts, to make funds less accessible for everyday use and potentially gain tax benefits.