7 Things you should never store in plastic containers

Leather items:

Avoid storing leather in plastic containers to prevent moisture damage and mold. Opt for breathable storage solutions like dust bags to maintain leather's condition.

Delicate fabrics:

Plastic containers can trap moisture and cause damage to delicate fabrics like cashmere and wool. Use breathable fabric storage bags to preserve their quality.

Electronic gadgets and batteries:

Plastic containers can generate static electricity, damaging electronic devices and causing batteries to leak. Use anti-static packaging or specialized electronic storage boxes instead.

Important documents:

Moisture issues in plastic containers can fade or discolor important documents. Store them in airtight, waterproof containers or invest in a fireproof safe box for extra protection.


Avoid storing valuable artwork or photography in plastic containers, as improper conditions can warp or fade the prints. Use durable vinyl bags designed for artwork storage to preserve their integrity.

Food supplies:

Plastic containers may absorb food odors and mold over time, affecting food quality. Store food in glass jars or food-grade containers for long-term freshness and safety.

Pet food

Plastic containers can absorb oils from pet food, causing it to turn rancid. Store pet food in its original bag inside a larger plastic container to maintain freshness and avoid odors.