7 things you should never store in plastic containers

Leather Items: Trapped moisture in plastic can damage leather, causing cracks, mold, or mildew. Opt for breathable storage solutions like dust bags.

Delicate Fabrics: Cashmere, wool, and lace can suffer from moisture and odors in plastic. Use breathable fabric storage bags instead.

Electronics and Batteries: Plastic storage can generate static electricity, harming electronics and potentially causing battery leaks. Use anti-static packaging or specific electronics boxes.

Important Documents: Fluctuating temperatures in plastic can damage or fade documents. Keep backups digitally or store originals in airtight, waterproof containers.

Artwork and Photography: Plastic storage can warp, fade, or ruin valuable artwork and photos. Use durable, vinyl bags designed for artwork.

Food Supplies: Plastic can harbor mold, mildew, and odors. Store food in glass containers for long-term freshness and to avoid harmful chemicals leaching into food.

Pet Food: Plastic absorbs oils from pet food, making it rancid and causing the container to smell. Keep pet food in its original bag inside a larger plastic container to avoid direct contact.