7 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel Room

Never, Ever, Use the Bedspread

Avoid the germs from past guests by folding up the bedspread immediately, as they are often seen as decoration and not regularly washed.

Avoid Touching the Remote Control

Wipe down frequently touched objects like the remote control with a sanitizing or disinfecting wipe to mitigate the risk of germ transmission.

Don't Assume Glasses are Clean

Thoroughly wash glasses and mugs with hot water and soap to avoid drinking leftover germs or soap, as they might only be quickly rinsed.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

Pack flip flops or slippers to avoid contact with unclean hotel carpets, which may harbor dust, germs, and bodily fluids.

Never Leave Valuables Unsecured

Keep important items like IDs, cash, and jewelry in your hotel room safe or carry them with you to prevent theft or loss.

Don't Forget to Use the Door Lock

Always engage the door clasp or deadbolt to increase security, especially at night or in less frequented areas, and consider using a portable door stopper for added safety.

Avoid Using the Mini-Bar

Save money by avoiding the hotel mini-bar, as its stocked items are typically priced much higher than buying from local stores or bringing your own snacks.