7 Things To Know About A Nexus Fast-Track Card

Two Interviews Are Required

Given how many features Global Entry and the Nexus card have in common, it's simple to become confused between them. But the Nexus demands two distinct interviews in every nation, while Global Entry just needs one interview in the US.

You Can Enroll On Arrival

Organizing two distinct interviews may get disorganized. As a result, when visiting a participating airport, you have the option to finish the Nexus interview phase (in fact, this is perhaps one of the best things to do while waiting for a flight at an airport!).

Many Credit Cards Cover The Cost Of A Nexus Card

In order to satisfy individuals who are constantly on the go, travel credit cards are expanding their range of benefits. For this reason, a lot of banks are now offering bill credits and refunds to customers who choose Global Entry, TSA Precheck, or the Nexus card.

Nexus Cardholders Can Use Global Entry Perks

Travelers often wonder if they should apply for Nexus or Global Entry. Although Nexus is more affordable, Global Entry enables quicker customs and immigration procedures. Fortunately, cardholders of Nexus memberships.

The Process Can Take Over a Year

The lengthy wait time for a Nexus card is another issue that keeps prospective customers in a holding pattern. While waiting periods differ based on the volume of applications, many applicants experience delays of up to 14 months before receiving a final approval.

Some Cardholders Can Renew Virtually

The Nexus card renewal procedure is much quicker than the original approval process, which can take a while. The governments' latest pilot initiative, which enables a limited number of cards to do virtual interviews

Nexus Is Good for Five Years

It can seem intimidating to travelers to think about the steps required to obtain a Nexus membership and card. It takes time because of the additional interview, application, and biometrics (iris and fingerprint scans).