7 Things to Always Do Before Doing Laundry

Follow Washing Instructions on Laundry Tags :Laundry care labels typically contain the information required to properly wash an item and are an excellent starting point for determining wash conditions.

Pre-Treat Stains: Before putting goods in the laundry, check for stains and pre-treat them. (Tip for saving money: Look for liquid detergents that recommend using maximum strength to pre-treat stains.)

Add Whiteners and Brighteners: You can also bleach some coloured things, such as graphic tees, if they are colorfast to bleach. Even nylon, acrylic, and rayon are often bleach-safe fibres.

Prepare the Items To Go Into the Washer: Begin by inspecting all pockets for tissues, lip balm, pens, crayons, gum, keys, cash, and anything else you don't want to wash with your clothing.

Use a Mesh Bag: Mesh laundry bags protect delicate items from the harsh agitation of a standard cycle. "Machine wash delicate" products, such as bras, can typically be laundered on a standard cycle if stored in a mesh bag.

Use the Right Amount of Laundry Detergent: When it comes to cleaning garments, you must use the appropriate detergent. Similarly, using the appropriate amount of detergent is important.

Don't Overload the Washer: LaLonde also warns against overloading the washer. This may place additional load on the machine.