7 Spring Flowers That Will Add Instant Color to Your Garden

Pansies and Violas: Pansies and violas, with their vibrant colors and happy faces, thrive in cooler seasons. Plant pansies when nightly temperatures stay above 40°F and daytime temps are around 60°F.

Dianthus: Dianthus, flourishing in cooler weather, should be planted when temperatures are at least 40°F. With fragrant blooms in various shades of pink, Dianthus barbatus and chinensis are perennials, offering long-lasting color.

Snapdragon: Snapdragons can be planted a few weeks before the last frost, provided the soil is workable. Available in a spectrum of colors, snapdragons are early bloomers but may cease in hot summers.

Sweet Alyssum: Sweet Alyssum, an early-flowering annual, can be started from seed or transferred as flats a few weeks before the last frost. Tolerating temperatures just below freezing, it prefers 45-60°F.

Creeping Phlox: Creeping Phlox is a low-growing perennial that forms a colorful blanket in spring, not exceeding 6 inches in height. Plant after the last frost for a stunning mass display in pink, purple, blue, or white.

Nemesia: Nemesia plants are prolific bloomers, perfect for containers and hanging baskets. With snapdragon-like blossoms in vivid colors, they don't require deadheading.

Hellebore: Hellebores, also known as Lenten roses, feature downward-facing blossoms in unique colors and patterns. New hybrids offer statement colors like metallic blue and deep purple.