7 Southern Side Dish Recipes

Hush Puppies: My mom's recipe for hush puppies is a household favorite, and it completes any fish meal.

Moist Corn Spoon Bread: Savor this simple version of a southern staple made possible by the slow cooker's convenience. It's a great side dish for any special feast or your upcoming summer party.

Southern Black-Eyed Peas: Pork, in my opinion, is essential to a successful black-eyed pea recipe. This is the ideal side dish, made with slow, gentle cooking and a generous amount of ham for taste.

Mom s Buttermilk Biscuits: These light and fluffy buttermilk biscuits taste amazing when dipped in butter or used to soak up any remaining gravy on your dish.

Old-Fashioned Green Beans: This recipe would be used by Mom to cook green beans from her own garden, and they would always taste amazing. Rich flavor is contributed by the bacon, and a hint of sweetness is added by the brown sugar.

Southern Fried Okra: This recipe for fried okra is crunchy and incredibly addictive! It's golden brown with a hint of fresh green shining through! My boys enjoy dunks in ketchup.

Make-Ahead Cornbread Dressing: My family is from California, and they have always eaten a lot of vegetables. I made this recipe for Thanksgiving because I wanted to give my in-laws a small flavor of home.