7 Smartest Birds in the World in 2024

Crow Recognized as the smartest bird, engages in cause-and-effect thinking, creates tools, and remembers human facial features.

Woodpecker Finch Utilizes tools, like twigs and sticks, to extract grubs from trees due to its small beak.

Rook Demonstrates problem solving abilities, solving a scenario involving raising the water level in a bottle to reach a worm.

Red-Billed Chough Showcases intelligence by using tools, such as shells, to break open other shells for feeding.

Jackdaw Known for taking shiny objects with intent, including caps from milk bottles, and exhibits clever nest-building behaviors.

Raven Displays cooperative hunting strategies, pairs up to efficiently capture prey, and showcases problem-solving skills in challenges.

Clark s Nutcracker Exhibits remarkable memory by storing thousands of pine seeds in various locations using landmarks.