7 Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Use Symmetry

Gardens seem balanced and serene when they are symmetrical. Use the same plants, pots, and other components on both sides of a center line that extends from the front entrance to the sidewalk.

Include Seating

You can have a cozy spot to observe birds, butterflies, and your neighbors by adding an outside seating area. There is always space for a few chairs, even in a tiny yard.

Create Privacy

Add some seclusion to your little front yard, you can install fencing or plant upright evergreen plants. Additionally effective are tall, erect perennials and grasses; but, once these plants are removed in late winter.

Make a Front Yard Patio

Separate dining space a short distance away from the entryway or a small patio or deck, add one to your front yard. Set up a patio table and chairs so you can serve lemonade to your guests

Match Garden Style to Your House

A front yard cottage garden full of plants of all shapes and sizes will look much better in an informal-looking home than a very formal, symmetrical one. 

Add a Water Feature

For a small area, water features range in size from microscopic to substantial. Little waterfalls with reservoirs, bubblers in molded ponds, and self-contained fountains 

Provide Walkways

Walkways in the front yard let guests know that your garden is a friendly place where they are welcome to explore. The simplest paths are made of grass and step stones.