7 Short Natural Hairstyles You ll Want to Flaunt All Year Long

Curly Afro: Style your natural curls using a wide-tooth comb to create the brushed-out effect. Solange is rocking out here. 

Shaved Sides: Shaving the bottom of your head immediately adds edge to short curls.To achieve this dramatic high-to-low natural effect, add a barber-style fadeout to the sides.

Short Afro: Women, men, and children can all receive this haircut and style it in various ways, making it an extremely versatile hairdo.

Slicked Down: To achieve Samira Wiley's slicked-down look, apply a substantial amount of maximum-hold gel from roots to ends while the hair is still damp.

Short and Sweet: This style's shape "balances out strong features," according to celebrity stylist Marcus Francis. With this cut, the focus is instantly drawn to the cheeks and smile.

Halo Curl Updo: To accomplish Kimberly Elise's updo, use a coiling cream or product similar to Miss Jessie's Coily Custard before individually curling each area of the hair with your fingers.

Tight Curls: "Don't use a hair dryer; instead, let it dry naturally," says a hairstylist and salon owner. Moisturising products are essential for creating this lovely hair.