7 Ridiculously Easy Valentines Day Recipes to Wow Your Loved Ones

Chocolate Raspberry Cake: Rich in dark chocolate, free of processed sugar, and incredibly tasty, this chocolate raspberry cake is ideal for a special occasion.

Lobster Bisque: Long regarded as a gourmet treat, lobster bisque is a silky mixture of rich tastes and succulent lobster meat.

Shrimp Linguine: This recipe for shrimp linguine is sure to please you! It's quick enough to cook for a tasty midweek supper as well as ideal for a special evening at home.

Mussels Pasta: Inspired by the reader's favorite Creamy Garlic Mussels, this Mussels Pasta with Garlic and Fennel takes you on a gourmet journey to Tuscany.

Cherry Hand Pies (Heart-shaped): For Valentine's Day or any other time of the year, heart-shaped cherry hand pies are ideal to give to your significant other or children.

Truffle Pasta: A traditional Italian dish that is full of flavor and elegance with each bite is truffle pasta. The earthy tastes of truffles and the creamy creaminess of perfectly cooked pasta come together in this delectable pasta meal.

Pizza (Heart-shaped Cute & Romantic): This Valentine's Day, make these heart-shaped mini pizzas for your kids or your sweetie in a matter of minutes! Excellent for dinner and lunch.