7 Reasons To Retire In Arizona Over Florida

No Allergies

When the pollen starts to fly and you have a stuffy nose or fuzzy head, Arizona can be a great choice for you. One of the greatest cities in Arizona to settle down is Phoenix, especially those who suffer from allergies.

Dynamic Arts Scene

Arizona boasts a unique arts scene, offering more than just galleries and exhibits. With attractions like the Shemer Art Center and ancient rock art sites, along with vibrant artistic communities, the state provides ample opportunities to unleash your creativity.

Ample Space for Solitude

Unlike Florida, prone to hurricanes, Arizona experiences fewer natural disasters, thanks to its arid climate. Residents enjoy consistent sunshine and a lower risk of weather-related incidents, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes and iconic cacti.

Experience All Seasons

While renowned for its desert vistas, Arizona surprises with snow activities like skiing at places like the Arizona Snowbowl. Unlike Florida's subtropical climate, Arizona offers a diverse range of seasons.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to Florida, Arizona offers a lower cost of living, allowing retirees to live comfortably on less. With more affordable expenses, retirees can indulge in travel and leisure activities without financial strain.

Healthcare Facilities

Arizona boasts excellent hospitals, particularly in cities like Phoenix, ensuring retirees receive quality healthcare services. Ranked eighth in hospital quality nationwide, Arizona provides peace of mind regarding healthcare needs during retirement.

Lower Real Estate Taxes

With a 37% property tax advantage over Florida, Arizona offers a more affordable housing market. Proposition 108 helps cap property tax rates on owner-occupied homes, making Arizona an attractive destination for property buyers.