7 Popular Things to Do in Kings Canyon National Park, California

Stay in Kings Canyon National Park:Explore accommodation options like John Muir Lodge and camping sites at Grant Grove, offering proximity to major attractions.

Visit Grant Grove: Experience giant sequoia trees, including the iconic General Grant Tree, the second-largest tree globally, with historical significance.

Hike to the General Grant Tree: Enjoy a short, accessible hike to witness the majestic General Grant Tree, honoring Ulysses S. Grant, designated as "The Nation's Christmas Tree."

Watch the Sunset at Panoramic Point: Drive to Panoramic Point for stunning sunset views; continue past for Instagram-worthy photos capturing the expansive Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Panoramic Point Hike: Embark on a short 0.5-mile hike to Panoramic Point, offering a breathtaking overlook of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Hike to the Park Ridge Fire Lookout: Take a more challenging 2.6-mile hike from Panoramic Point to the Park Ridge Fire Lookout, providing panoramic views of Kings Canyon National Park.

Climb up to the Park Ridge Fire Lookout Platform: Reach the Park Ridge Fire Lookout, climb the viewing platform, and enjoy the grand scenery as the volunteer fire spotter shares insights.