7 Outdated Hairstyles To Leave Behind In 2024

Intense Balayage: Balayage emerged in 1970s Paris, had a resurgence a decade ago, and remains a timeless hair coloring technique, but it's time to bid farewell to its intense versions.

Extra-Long Extensions: Daily use of extensions is no longer trendy, as they contradict the embrace of natural hair, according to Mane's editorial director Hannah Cassidy.

High-Maintenance Color: 2024 brings low-maintenance chic. Forget frequent salon trips; simplify your style. Say goodbye to root color stress. Opt for lazy, lasting balayage. Your hair and wallet will love it.

Blunt Cuts: In 2024, hairstylist Jason Crozier advocates for a 'bigger is better' approach, inspired by runway trends. Create mega volume with volumizing products, teasing, and quality extensions.

The Rachel: Jennifer Aniston, known for "The Rachel" hairstyle, debuted a drastically shorter cut at the Golden Globes, signaling the hiatus of The Rachel in 2024.

Mullet/shullet: In 2024, we're ditching the mullet's '80s vibe for cleaner, softer styles, saying goodbye to the iconic cut that once exuded rebellious attitude.

Cherry Cola Color: In 2024, Pantone's color of the year is peach fuzz, a calming choice reflecting society's shift towards nurturing and compassion.