7 Of The Most Popular Hunting Rifles Of All Time

Blaser R93

The Blaser R93 stands out for its innovative straight-pull bolt action, ensuring quick and smooth follow-up shots in hunting scenarios.

Browning X-Bolt

Known for smooth cycling and a crisp adjustable trigger, the Browning X-Bolt is a reliable and accurate bolt-action rifle with a sleek design and advanced recoil pad.

CVA Paramount Pro 

The CVA Paramount Pro excels in long-range precision hunting with features like a nitride-treated stainless steel barrel, adjustable stock, and advanced ignition system for modern black powder performance.

CZ 550 Safari Magnum

Designed for big-game hunting, the CZ 550 Safari Magnum offers reliability in challenging conditions, featuring Mauser-style action and a walnut stock for pursuing large and dangerous game.

CZ Model 527

The CZ Model 527 is a compact and lightweight bolt-action rifle suitable for varmint and small-game hunting, featuring controlled-round feeding and a single-set trigger for precision.

Dakota Model 76

Celebrated for impeccable craftsmanship, the Dakota Model 76 is a high-end bolt-action rifle customizable to shooter preferences, combining aesthetics with precision for discerning hunters and collectors.

DPMS Panther Arms

The DPMS Panther Arms AR is a versatile semi-automatic rifle designed for modern sporting and hunting applications, offering a modular design and customizable features in .308 Winchester chambering.