7 of History’s Greatest Mysteries

Locating the burial site of Cleopatra VII, often regarded as the final monarch of the Ptolemaic dynasty that governed Egypt following the demise of Alexander the Great.

Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?

If you’ve heard of the Mary Celeste, you can thank Arthur Conan Doyle. The unexplained abandonment of the ship in 1872

What happened on the Mary Celeste?

In 1869, American geologist and explorer John Wesley Powell was conducting research in the Grand Canyon when he observed something peculiar.

What caused the Great Unconformity?

If you type the term "Salish Sea" into Google's search field, the autocomplete feature assumes you're inquiring about the measurement in feet.

What’s up with the Salish Sea feet?

Centuries prior to the development of sophisticated civilizations by the Maya (specifically during the Classical Period) and Aztecs in what is now Central America and Mexico,

How—and why—were the Olmec Heads made?

Exploration is a perilous endeavor. Every one of the 129 men involved in the polar exploration expedition, known as the Franklin Expedition, perished in the years following the mission's launch in 1845.

What happened to Roald Amundsen?

No survey of historical mysteries would be complete without the tale of the man known as D.B. Cooper, the only person to have hijacked a commercial plane in the United States

Who was D.B. Cooper?