7 North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball Legends

Michael Jordan: Legendary as a Tar Heel, Jordan won NCAA Player of the Year after leading UNC to the 1982 NCAA Championship. His legendary shot that won the game in the championship game is emblazoned in history.

Jerry Stackhouse: Stackhouse was a terrific scorer who had a big impact on the Tar Heels. His explosive style of play made him an All-American and paved the way for a prosperous NBA career.

Rasheed Wallace: Wallace helped the Tar Heels to the 1995 Final Four by becoming a formidable force in the paint. His ability to score and block shots translated well to the NBA.

Brad Daugherty: Daugherty was an All-American center for UNC who was a dominant player. He was a major contributor to the Tar Heels' success in the middle of the 1980s.

Larry Miller: Miller, a guard/forward who was 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall, later played for the University of North Carolina in the 1960s. He won the 1966 and 1967 ACC Men's Basketball Player of the Year awards when he was there.

Ty Lawson: Lawson led the team that won the 2009 NCAA Championship as the floor general. His quickness and talent at point guard were crucial to UNC's victory.

Wayne Ellington: Ellington was a talented shooter who was essential to the Tar Heels' 2009 championship campaign. His best moments during his college career were when he scored goals and played in crucial situations.