7 Non-Obvious Things To Consider Before Taking a Trip

Attraction Closures: Check for seasonal closures of attractions, as some places may shut down during specific times, impacting your travel plans.

Travel Time Realities: Be prepared for extended travel times, considering potential delays and the need to navigate different terminals, especially with connecting flights.

Data and Wi-Fi Access: Ensure connectivity by researching data options or obtaining a SIM card if traveling to remote locations with limited Wi-Fi access.

Free Hotel Breakfasts: Save time and money by booking hotels with complimentary breakfasts, often available, especially in European accommodations.

Tourist Workshops/Tours: Embrace being a tourist and enhance your experience by participating in local workshops, food tours, or classes to gain cultural insights.

Banking and ATMs: Understand the local preference for cash or cards and plan accordingly. Some places may rely on cash, while others embrace card transactions.

Different Banking Options: Mitigate risks of card issues by having multiple banking options from different institutions, ensuring financial flexibility during your travels.