7 Must-Try Dishes To Get in New Orleans

Gumbo: The traditional gumbo is the dish that comes to mind when thinking about New Orleans cuisine. It's a filling stew that perfectly captures the city's multiculturalism.

Jambalaya: A delicious one-pot Creole cuisine, jambalaya is loaded with spices, seafood, and meats like chicken and sausage.

Po' Boys: A famous sandwich from New Orleans, the Po' Boy has an entertaining moniker. Usually packed with gravy-covered roast beef or fried shrimp or oysters, it's served on toasted French bread with a side of lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Beignets: The beignet, the official state doughnut of Louisiana, is the most recognizable dish when it comes to sweet treats in New Orleans.

Crawfish Étouffée: That sounds sophisticated, doesn't it? The cuisine known as Crawfish Étouffée is a rich and fiery dish that consists of crawfish cooked in a thick sauce that includes celery, onions, and bell peppers. It is typically served over rice.

Red Beans and Rice: Refried beans and rice, a mainstay of New Orleans cooking, are traditionally prepared on Mondays with the leftover ham from Sunday.

Shrimp and Grits: A classic New Orleans dish is this one: shrimp and grits. This recipe is a wonderful Southern classic that mixes spicy, seasoned shrimp with creamy, buttery grits.