7 Most Successful Disney Movies Ever Made

The Jungle Book (2016) - A star-studded live-action film directed by Jon Favreau, including Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, and Idris Elba, was a massive box office success.

The Lion King (1994) - Part of Disney's Renaissance Era, The Lion King, inspired by Hamlet, received widespread acclaim, becoming an award-winning hit.

Zootopia (2016) - A surprising success as a Pixar film, Zootopia resonated with audiences, breaking records and reaching $500 million in less than two weeks.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Tim Burton's adaptation with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter grossed over $1 billion, showcasing Disney's box office prowess.

Finding Dory (2016) - The sequel to Finding Nemo, featuring the beloved character Dory, earned Disney over $1 billion at the box office with a $200 million budget.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) - The fourth installment, based on a Disney park ride, received a massive budget and proved to be a successful venture.

Aladdin (2019) - Although not surpassing the original, the live-action Aladdin, directed by Guy Ritchie, was a studio success with a familiar plot.