7 Most Popular College Girls Hairstyles

High Ponytail: A classic for its simplicity and practicality. Great for workouts, classes, or adding a sporty touch to an outfit.

Half-Up Half-Down: Combines the best of both worlds: playful updo and loose flow. Perfect for showcasing braids, waves, or curls.

Beach Waves: Effortlessly cool and carefree. Flattering on most face shapes and textures.

Boxer Braids: Trendy and protective, especially for natural hair. Can be customized with different braiding patterns and accessories.

Top Knot: Chic and sophisticated, perfect for busy days or showing off statement earrings.

French Braid: A timeless braid that adds visual interest and keeps hair out of the face. Works for all hair lengths and textures.

Headband Braid: Trendy and practical, keeping hair out of the face while adding a stylish touch. Perfect for various hair lengths and textures.