7 Most Dangerous (And Deadliest) Mammals in the World

This nocturnal primate possesses a potent bite infused with toxic venom that is powerful enough to cause tissue decay

Slow Loris

Recognized as the prince of the forest, moose engage in human attacks more frequently than bears (approximately 5-10 incidents per year),

Mammal: Moose

While horses are commonly cherished as a beloved part of the family, they are not typically perceived as dangerous

Mammal: Horse

There are more than 30 subspecies of wolves that roam all over Europe, North America, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Mammal: Wolf

Also referred to as a puma or mountain lion, the cougar holds the distinction of being the second-largest cat in the Western Hemisphere, surpassed only by the jaguar.

Mammal: Cougar

These formidable predators possess a keen sense of smell that can lead them perilously close to human-populated areas if there is food in proximity.

Mammal: Polar Bear

A subspecies of the brown bear, the grizzly is among the most aggressive predators. With formidable strength and a bite force of 1,000 psi

Mammal: Grizzly Bear