7 Most Affordable U.S. Cities to Buy a House in Right Now

Detroit, Michigan

The most economical spots to buy a house are all in the Motor City. Although the median pay in these affordable locations is among the lowest, house prices are also among the lowest. It is astonishingly low that Detroit's typical earnings will pay off their mortgage with only 6% of their monthly salary.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a youthful city that is also reasonably priced; the median age is roughly 36, which is slightly lower than the national median. Cleveland's vibrancy is what sets it apart. Situated on Lake Erie, the area is popular for boat parties and water activities.

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is situated in a strategic location. Situated at the westernmost point of Lake Erie, the distance to Detroit is one hour by car, to Cleveland it is two hours, and to Chicago it takes approximately four hours. Toledo, a rust belt city, has made progress toward a brighter future.

Memphis, Tennessee

According to Anthony Young, capital executive in residence at Epicenter, a non-profit that promotes entrepreneurship in the greater Memphis area, Memphis is leading other cities in terms of Black-owned businesses' access to venture capital, as he recently told the publication AfroTech. 

Baltimore, Maryland

High-profile employers in Baltimore include Northrop Grumman, one of the biggest producers of military technology and weaponry worldwide, and John Hopkins University. With approximately 18% of the workforce employed by the federal government.

Rochester, New York

Rochester was included in our ranking of the most cheap cities, it may soon become somewhat less so. Rochester was one of the metro cities (with a population of at least 1 million in 2020) that witnessed the most increases in return on investment (ROI) for sellers in the US.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, a city on the western edge of Lake Michigan, is most recognized for its long history of brewing beer. In actuality, breweries existed in Milwaukee long before the city was established. Milwaukee is home to some of the oldest American beer companies.