7 Incredible Stay-at-Home Job Options for Parents

Photographer: Average $60 per hour for user-generated image creators. Ideal for avid photographers sharing edited shots online.

Laundry Service: Potential $5,000/month partnering with on-demand laundry services. Perfect for those with laundry facilities and time.

Expert On-Demand: Experts can earn $2,000-$7,000, offering insights in specialized fields. Requires expertise and comfort with virtual interactions.

Mobile Notary: Mobile notary signing agents earn an average of $64,777/year. Suited for individuals with a notary bond.

Public Relations: National average PR salary is $83,626/year. Ideal for enthusiastic communicators with networking skills.

Freelance Fact Checker: Freelance fact-checkers earn $17/hour or $36,000/year on average. Perfect for research enthusiasts with a truth-seeking attitude.

In-Home Daycare: In-home daycare providers earn an average of $31,992/year. Suitable for parents comfortable hosting kids at their home.