7 Healthy Habits to Start Today

Have Breakfast: Eating breakfast is crucial for jump-starting metabolism, preventing overeating, and improving performance at work or school.

Plan Your Meals: Save time and money by planning your meals. Identify your health goals, whether it's weight loss or adjusting nutrients. 

Drink Plenty of Water: Hydration has numerous benefits, including weight loss. Opt for water to avoid sugary drinks linked to obesity and diabetes.

Take an Exercise Break: Move, don't just grab coffee. Short bursts of lunges or stretches are good for body and mind. 30 minutes of walking five times a week can help beat the blues.

Don't Smoke: Quit smoking for better health. Your body starts healing within 20 minutes, with improved heart rate and blood pressure.

Sleep Well: Adequate sleep brings numerous benefits, improving mood, memory, focus, and learning. Long-term advantages include reduced heart disease risk and weight maintenance.

Train Your Muscles: Strength training swaps fat for muscle, boosting calorie burn, slimming you down, strengthening your heart, and building bones.