7 Healthy Food Swaps Experts Say Could Change Your Life


If you enjoy red meat, you don't have to give it up completely (unless your doctor tells you differently). 

Drink tea

Drinking too much soda can lead to serious health issues like liver disease, insulin resistance, heart problems, and faster cell aging.

Whole grain bread

Contrary to what we've been taught in the past regarding bread and carbohydrates, "grains and starches are not forbidden and can be consumed in order to improve one's health and reduce weight."

Cauliflower rice

While switching to this can help you consume fewer refined grains, carbs aren't always harmful.

Oatmeal with mixed nuts

Because of its high fiber content, oatmeal can be a wonderful breakfast choice if you're trying to focus on longevity.


Sausage may include significant levels of saturated fat and salt, two elements that, in excess, may not be good for a long life.

Cruciferous vegetables

Mostly because we never will, we'll never, ever advise you to give up french fries. However, periodically switching out our fries for a veggie side dish can have a positive impact on your health.