7 Healthy Diet Tips To Live Longer And Happier

Eat nourishing food: Prioritize a diverse, nutritious diet for overall well-being. Follow the 2020 Dietary Guidelines, emphasizing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Sleep Seven To Eight Hours Per Night: Prioritize quality sleep for a successful, energized day. Sleep affects health, mood, and productivity. Observe and improve sleep patterns consistently for well-being.

Keep company with good people: Surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals to maximize joy and energy. Limit time with those draining your energy; set boundaries wisely. 

Avoid news overdose: Stay informed through news for global awareness. However, excessive exposure to distressing stories may distort your perspective. Limit exposure, especially during challenges.

Get regular exercise:  Health experts suggest 150 minutes weekly moderate exercise to enhance energy, relieve stress, and improve efficiency.

Do something meaningful each day: Discover your passions and talents. Embrace daily joys like cooking or music. Invest energy in what matters, unlocking your best self.

Think good thoughts for others: Sustain energy with a compassionate mindset, like practicing kind attention make eye contact, smile at a stranger, thinking "I wish you well."