7 Great But Forgotten Movies From the 2000s

Amelie (2001): This French-language movie is comparable to a warm cup of coffee accompanied by a warm croissant. Seeing Audrey Tautou's character Amelie assist people in need makes my heart sing.

Sideways (2004): A dejected sack who is significantly more eager to taste wine than anything else is followed in Sideways.

The Prestige (2006): Allow me to do a magic trick for you: a Christopher Nolan film that not many people have seen. The Prestige was released far ahead of Inception and The Dark Knight.

Tropic Thunder (2008): Why is Tropic Thunder no longer discussed? The war satire is still as explosive as the forest in which the groundbreaking comedy is set, even though it may have crossed certain lines.

25th Hour (2002): Although Spike Lee is well-known for his depictions of American black culture in textiles, this film deviates from his usual style. An analysis of our nation following the Twin Towers attack.

Before Sunset (2004): Ahh, the Before trilogy's reassuring aura. The second entry is a leisurely walk across Paris, although the first one was a little depressing.

Best In Show (2000): In Christopher Guest's parody documentary, the protagonists treat dog shows which aren't particularly interesting in real life like a gladiatorial fight.