7 Ginger Cookie Recipes for Celebrating the Holidays

Classic Gingerbread Cutouts: Whip up a batch of traditional gingerbread cookies, perfect for decorating and adding a festive touch to your holiday cookie tray or decor.

Easy Gingerbread Cookie Bars: Skip the individual cookie shaping with this big-batch gingerbread bar recipe, yielding 24 squares bursting with molasses, cinnamon, and ginger flavors.

Cardamom Gingerbread Trees: Craft impressive 3D gingerbread trees for a stunning centerpiece on your dessert buffet or mantel. Alternatively, enjoy the classic flavor with simple icing decorations on flat cookies.

Triple-Ginger Cookies: Infuse your cookies with a triple dose of ginger using homemade ginger sugar, ground ginger, and crystallized ginger for an intense and flavorful experience.

Scalloped Wreath Gingerbread Cookies: Create festive wreaths with this clever decorating technique using multiple cookie cutters and tinted royal icing.

Wheel of Candy Canes Cookies: Infuse your ginger cookies with a minty twist using melted candy canes. Cut out candy cane shapes, bake, decorate, and assemble them onto round cookies for a vibrant design.

Gluten-Free Giant Ginger Cookies: Enjoy delicious gluten-free gingerbread with this easy recipe using a dedicated flour mix. Choose between giant single cookies or mini versions for bite-sized treats.

Gingersnap Logs: Think beyond traditional cookies and create festive gingersnap logs using crushed gingersnaps and white chocolate, adorned with colorful sprinkles for a Christmassy touch.