7 Garden Decor Ideas for Taking Your Yard from Drab to Fab

Pretty Plant Labels

Simple plant labels are one way to give your yard an artistic touch instead of just a functional one. Invest in a set of plant markers that best complements the style and feel of your environment, or use your creativity to make your own.

Whimsical Sculptures

Use a sculpture of a fairy perched on a wall or some garden gnomes amidst your plants to bring some whimsical and playful elements into your environment. These sculptures might serve as interesting focus points in a vignette that aims to spark children's and adults' imaginations.

Dressed-Up Ladder

With a little paint and work, you can transform an ordinary ladder into a striking plant stand if you have a lot of containers to exhibit. To maximize your growing space, group and elevate your pots on a homemade ladder stand to provide lushness and depth.

Beautiful Bird Bath

Giving your feathery guests water doesn't have to be done in a plain container. Consider transforming your bird bath into a work of art, similar to this distinctive mosaic example.

Attractive Lawn Furniture

When you match the color, materials, and style of your outdoor furniture to your garden, it can improve your scenery even when it is empty. Here, a straightforward wooden lawn chair and table blend

Elegant Lighting

Nightfall doesn't have to stop your garden time. A little landscape lighting goes a long way toward making your garden seem welcoming for an evening gathering or lighting up your paths so you can see where you're going in the dark.

Colorful Garden Gate

Adding interest and beauty to your home can be done in a special way with a stylish garden gate like this one. Enhance the impression of the gate by having the flowers surrounding it match in color in this example, purple hydrangeas.