7 Fun Facts About the History of Ice Cream

Ice Cream Has (Probably) Been Around for a Long Time: We don't know for sure when ice cream was formed, although some traditions indicate that a dish similar to ice cream was popular among the Ancient Greeks in the 5th century BCE.

It Was Brought to America in the 1700s: Ice cream may have gained popularity in Europe as early as the 1300s, but it was not introduced to America until the 1700s. It was considered a delicacy because the ingredients were pricey and refrigeration was not as advanced as it is now.

New Zealand Eats the Most Ice Cream: Ice cream (or some variation of it) is popular around the world. However, according to World Atlas, New Zealand consumes the most, averaging 28.4 litres per year. The United States ranks second, consuming 20.8 litres per year, while Australia ranks third, eating 18 litres per year.

Ice Cream May Have Some Benefits: Ice cream is always viewed as a sugary dessert, not as part of a healthy or low-fat diet. However, research from 2023 suggests that the frozen dessert may possibly have some benefits.

Ice Cream Sundaes Have a Fun History: You don't actually need to add anything to ice cream to make it delicious that said, an ice cream sundae is always a good idea. They weren't always around, though.

Vanilla's Massive Popularity: There's a reason vanilla ice cream is regarded as a classic: polls show that it's consistently the most popular flavour in various nations, including the United States, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, and China.

Neapolitan & Birthday Cake are Unpopular Flavors: Although vanilla and chocolate are the most popular selections, there is also a least favourite in America. According to one poll, only 2% of Americans choose Neapolitan, a mixture of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.