7 Fruits to Add to Your Diet to Help You Lose Weight


One serving of raspberries provides approximately S of your daily fiber requirements (8 grams), making them one of the best foods for weight reduction. They also taste great. Increasing your consumption of fiber can aid in weight loss since it keeps you full and promotes regular digestion, according to research.


Despite receiving little attention as a "superfood," pears are unquestionably worthy of the moniker. Six grams of fiber, or over 25% of your daily requirement, can be found in just one pear. Most of the time, this will help you feel full and avoid overeating.


Even though raspberries have the highest fiber of any fruit, we still believe that blueberries should be a significant component of any diet plan for weight loss. Although a cup of blueberries has 4 grams of fiber, their antioxidant content is what makes them so well-known.


Oranges are commonly associated with increased immunity, but they can also play a significant role in weight loss. Oranges are our favorite fruit since they provide a variety of vital nutrients and help us sate our sweet craving.


While an apple a day won't (completely) keep the doctor away, it will undoubtedly improve your general health. For added durability, try adding 4 grams of fiber to a medium-sized apple or adding it to your morning cup of oatmeal.


Without discussing strawberries, it would be impossible to discuss the greatest fruits for weight loss. With 3 grams of fiber per cup, this tasty berry can help satisfy your sweet appetite and keep you satisfied for hours.


Despite their negative connotations about sugar content, our senior nutrition editor never leaves the grocery store without bananas! In addition to its three grams of fiber, bananas include resistant starch, a kind of carbohydrate that may improve digestion and promote fat burning.