7 Free Outdoor Activities in Major Cities

Walking Tour: Explore major cities through free walking tours offered by various companies or use a walking tour app if available.

Audio Tour (Urbs App): Opt for a self-directed tour using Urbs, a city audio guide app providing audio descriptions of interesting locations.

Markets: Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by exploring markets with colorful stands offering local delicacies and souvenirs.

Meeting the Locals: Assimilate into the local culture by spending time with locals, who can often serve as excellent tour guides.

Carnivals and Festivals: Attend famous festivals happening throughout the year, such as the Chinese New Year in Beijing or the Day of the Dead in Mexico City.

Performances: Experience free performances like musical events or poetry recitations by exploring parks or using platforms like TimeOut.com to find events in major cities.

Parks: Retreating to a park is a simple and free solution. Parks are often cited as a main attraction in several cities. The English Garden in Munich is one such example. You can even have a little picnic while you’re at it.