7 Five-Star Soup Recipes Our Readers Love

Hearty Vegetable Soup

I got the idea to add extra flavor to veggie soup by using V8 juice from a buddy. This handmade supper, which is my greatest vegetable soup recipe, is ideal to make on a cool autumn afternoon. 

Ham and Lentil Soup

I combined and modified two soup recipes to create this lentil soup with ham. I usually make extra for my husband's lunch thermos, and I serve it for Sunday supper. He is a bricklayer who works outside all winter long.

Mushroom Soup

I adore mushrooms and am discovering new ways to prepare heartier meals using my beloved fungi. This tasty vegan cream of mushroom soup satisfies my dietary requirements and is rich in nutrients and low in fat.

Beefy Sweet Potato Chili

This chili is the best thing to eat when you're cold. When we lived in Seattle, where there are plenty of chilly and wet days, we developed this dish with friends. Although sweet potatoes are the key component, you can still make a delicious basic chili without them.

Curried Chicken Soup

Every now and again, my German mother would prepare meals that weren't from conventional German recipes. Her Curry Chicken Soup was one of my faves. I've customized it by adding fresh cilantro, coconut milk, and chickpeas.

Chicken Soup

I made some healthy adjustments to this recipe that a friend provided me. It's really simple to make and tastes amazing! I use it for pretty much everything, including care packages, church events, and family get-togethers. I occasionally use two cups of frozen mixed vegetables.

Chorizo Chili

Using a recipe for bean soup, I created this amazing chili. My family prefers it mild, so I just add Tabasco sauce to my bowl to make it spicier. You can use vegetable broth and soy chorizo to make it vegetarian.