7 Famous Foodies You Should Follow in 2024

Kristen Kish

"Top Chef" season 10 winner and upcoming host, Kristen Kish, offers a diverse feed with behind-the-scenes footage, recipe tutorials, and restaurant shots on her social media, making her a must-follow food personality.

Patrick Kong

Former restaurant cook turned social media sensation, Patrick Kong, shares easy-to-follow recipe videos spanning various cuisines, providing tips and techniques for flavorful home cooking.White bread and other high-glycemic foods can lead to inflammation.

Cassie Yeung

Former "Next Level Chef" contestant, Cassie Yeung, engages viewers directly as she creates pan-Asian recipes in her home kitchen, offering easy-to-follow cooking steps suitable for all skill levels.

Jose el Cook

Classically trained chef Jose Xiloj, known as Jose el Cook, shares elegant versions of classic recipes with 1 million TikTok followers, presenting clean and edited step-by-step videos for easy replication at home.

Gabriela Rodiles

Self-taught cook with a background in social media at the Food Network, Gabriela Rodiles, presents drool-worthy and social-media-friendly food, showcasing trending recipe tutorials and exploring global cuisines in quick videos.

Sara Abdul-Aziz

Canada-based nutrient-focused chef Sara Abdul-Aziz, with over 1.7 million TikTok followers and a popular cookbook, "Nutrient Matters," shares a range of recipes from copycats to international fare suitable for weeknight dinners.

Hailee Catalano

Jersey Shore-based content creator Hailee Catalano crafts fun and savvy cooking content, providing day-in-the-life videos and delightful home cooking content, now co-hosting a co-cooking account.