7 Expert Tips for Decorating with Houseplants in Every Room

Surround seating areas with greenery: Create an inviting atmosphere in living rooms and family rooms by strategically placing plants around couches and armchairs.

Dress up your dining room: Elevate your dining space with elegant plants like orchids or snake plants. Position them on the table as centerpieces or on sideboards for a touch of sophistication.

Group plants for impact: Instead of scattering single plants around, create a focal point by grouping them together. This visually interesting cluster can be placed in corners, entryways, or on empty shelves.

Think vertical: Utilize empty wall space by mounting shelves or hanging planters. This is ideal for trailing vines like pothos or string of pearls, adding a cascading touch to your decor.

Tuck greenery into unexpected nooks: Don't forget about bathrooms, hallways, and even bedrooms! Small succulents or air plants thrive in these spaces, adding a pop of color and life to often-overlooked areas.

Match the right plant to the right light: Consider the light conditions in each room when choosing your greenery. Low-light tolerant plants like ZZ plants or peace lilies fare well in bathrooms, while brighter rooms welcome sun-loving succulents or citrus trees.

Embrace variety in pots and textures: Elevate your plant display by using a mix of pot materials and textures. Woven baskets, ceramic planters, and even repurposed containers add visual interest and complement your overall decor style.