7 Easy Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

Mint: Spreads easily, tolerates neglect, thrives in moist soil and full/partial sun. Pinch back stems for bushier growth.

Thyme: Highly forgiving, tolerates drought, stepping, and poor soil. Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

Chives: Easy to grow and hardy, survive cold winters without mulch. Provide consistent growth from spring to fall. Bloom in early summer.

Lemon Balm: Great for beginners, tolerates various soil types with good drainage. Doesn't require fertilizer except in nutrient-deficient soil. Prune frequently for best flavor.

Sage: Soft, fuzzy leaves, tolerates neglect. Avoid waterlogged soil as it causes root rot. Harvest leaves and cut back stems regularly.

Oregano: Hardy and fast-growing, thrives in lean and dry soils. Pinch back stems for bushier growth. Avoid waterlogged soil to prevent root rot.

Parsley: Biennials often grown as annuals. Slow germination, plant extra seeds. Low maintenance once established, keep soil moist.