7 Dog Breeds Most Similar to Australian Shepherds

Border Collie: Often considered the smartest dog breed, Border Collies share the Aussie's herding background, high energy levels, and eagerness to please. They might even be a bit more intense,

Australian Cattle Dog: Another Aussie native, these herders are similar in size and build but have shorter coats and distinct cattle drive. They can be independent thinkers, requiring firm and consistent training.

Miniature American Shepherd: Essentially a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd, they retain the classic look and intelligence in a more manageable size. However, their energy levels are still quite high.

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie): These charming mini-Lassies have similar herding instincts and smarts as Aussies, but with a slightly less intense personality. They're generally good with children and adaptable to various living situations.

Bearded Collie: These fluffy goofballs share the herding background and intelligence, but with a calmer and more independent personality. They require regular grooming for their iconic beard.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Don't underestimate these short legs! Corgis pack a lot of herding spirit and intelligence into a small package.

Brittany: If you love the Aussie's energy and athleticism but prefer a pointing breed, Brittanys are fantastic companions. They excel in dog sports and require plenty of exercise, but their trainability and affectionate nature make them great family dogs.