7 discoveries that prove Einstein was right about the universe

Gravitational Waves: Einstein's theory predicts ripples called gravitational waves, confirmed in 2015 by LIGO.

Wobbly Black Hole Partners: Gravitational waves unveil wobbling binary black holes, aligning with Einstein's predictions.

'Dancing' Spirograph Star: Star orbiting a black hole dances in a rosette pattern, showcasing Einstein's precession theory.

'Frame Dragging' Neutron Star: Neutron star orbiting a white dwarf shows a long-term drift, confirming frame dragging effect.

Gravitational Magnifying Glass: Massive objects bend space-time, causing gravitational lensing, confirmed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Put an Einstein Ring on It: Perfect halo created by magnified light around a massive foreground object is called an "Einstein ring."

The Shifting Universe: Einstein's predictions of redshift, including gravitational redshift, were validated in 2011 through the study of distant galaxies' light.