7 Deer-Resistant Flowers For Sun

Snapdragon: Cool-weather annual with snappy flower jaws, blooms in yellow, orange, pink, white, and red. Great for borders, window boxes, and cut flowers.

Angelonia: Heat-loving "summer snapdragon" boasts nonstop blue, purple, pink, red, or white blooms. Available in upright or trailing forms for borders and hanging baskets.

Poppies: Provide a rainbow of spring and summer color. Enjoy in borders or as cut flowers (sear stems for longer vase life). Available in annual and short-lived perennial varieties.

Love-in-a-Mist: Old-fashioned annual prized for blue, pink, or white flowers and decorative seed pods. Grows 12-18 inches tall, self-seeds readily.

Globe Amaranth: Blooms nonstop from spring to fall with rounded, cloverlike flower heads in purple, red, orange, pink, and white. Drought-tolerant and easy to dry for arrangements.

Lantana: Deer-resistant annual with showy, flattened flower clusters in vibrant colors. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinators.

Sweet Alyssum: Sweetly scented trailing annual perfect for edging borders. Features white, pink, or purple blooms and flowers from spring to fall.