7 Creamy Soup Recipes

Cheddar Ham Soup: My mother-in-law begged for this ham soup recipe, which told me it was a keeper! The substantial soup chock-full of ham, vegetables and cheese is creamy and cozy.

Creamy Tortellini Soup: A box of tortellini noodles is made more special with creamy tortellini soup, which tastes pleasantly warm. Plus, it's enjoyable to customize the soup with seasonal veggies, meat and fresh herbs.

Quick Golden Squash Soup: This recipe for delicious creamy soup makes me long for fall! It's astonishing that I loved squash after trying this dish because of its rich, fulfilling flavor and golden hue. Before trying this recipe, I was positive that I didn't enjoy squash.

Cheeseburger Soup: Similar cheeseburger soup is served at a nearby restaurant, but they wouldn't give me the recipe. I created my own by adjusting a potato soup recipe I had previously.

Creamy Vegetable Turkey Soup: We go wheels up at our place for a creamy turkey soup with a hint of humor. We load it up with wagon-shaped pasta and veggies.

Golden Gouda Mushroom Soup: This is a great way to welcome people. Rich, creamy and cheesy, it will warm you from the inside out and fuel your hunger for what s to come.

Cauliflower Soup: There is no cauliflower soup like this one that tastes as good as this cheesy dish! For a little bit of extra zing, we enjoy it with spicy pepper sauce.