7 Cool and Unusual Animals to See Before You Die

The shoebill stork stands out with its unmistakable shoe-shaped bill and impressive height of over 4 feet; an efficient predator in marsh environments, preying on reptiles, rodents, and even juvenile crocodiles.


Resembling a stick and showcasing one of the most efficient natural camouflages on Earth, the stick insect, particularly the giant prickly stick insect from Australia, remains motionless for extended periods.

Stick Insect

Transparent like glass, the glass frog's lime-green skin reveals visible organs; their spotted backs, resembling eggs, confuse predators, adding to the intrigue of this extraordinary amphibian.

Glass Frog

Ancient and formidable, the mantis shrimp's powerful clubs or spears can break crab shells and glass; their exceptional eyesight enables them to deliver precise punches, a fascinating display of strength and accuracy.

Mantis Shrimp

Despite its friendly appearance, the wombat possesses rodent-like teeth and can become aggressive when threatened; unique features include backward-facing pouches, cube-shaped poop, and the ability to thwart predators with their tough rumps.


Known as the "walking fish," the axolotl salamander remains underwater throughout its life, displaying a cute yet unusual appearance; a popular pet choice resembling Pokemon characters.


The smallest bears globally, sun bears, also known as "honey bears," weigh under 100 pounds and sport unusually long tongues, up to nine inches, for extracting honey from trees.

Sun Bear