7 Bizarre Food Festivals From Around the Globe

The World Testicle Cooking Championship in Serbia: This competition, conducted in Serbia, is a one-of-a-kind culinary event in which participants demonstrate their inventiveness by cooking meals with male gonads from various animals.

The Yulin Dog Festival in China: The Yulin Dog Festival in China is an annual festival during which dog meat is typically consumed. Participants assemble to consume meals made with dog flesh, thinking that it brings good luck and health.

The Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand: The Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand is a quirky event in which the town of Lopburi hosts a feast for its indigenous monkeys.

The Cheese-Rolling Festival in England: The Cheese-Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire, England, is an adrenaline-fueled sport in which competitors pursue a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill.

The Battle of the Oranges in Italy: The Battle of the Oranges, conducted during the Carnival of Ivrea in Ivrea, Italy, is a vibrant festival commemorating a historical battle against tyranny.

The Onion Market in Switzerland: The Onion Market, or Zibelemärit, in Bern, Switzerland, is an annual celebration that fills the city's streets with stalls selling various types of onions and garlic.

The Ugly Food Festival in Iceland: Iceland's ugly food festival, known as "Þorrablót," is a winter event honouring Þór, the god of thunder in Norse mythology.