7 Best Workout Mirrors of 2024, Tested by Fitness Experts

Tempo Studio

AI-powered virtual training with 3D sensor camera for real-time corrections and rep counting.


Wall-installed strength-training system with a cable system allowing up to 200 pounds of resistance.

Fiture Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror

AI-powered technology for form correction and rep counting, ideal for strength and HIIT classes.

ProForm Vue

Stylish design, full-length mirror with hidden storage for dumbbells and barbell.

NordicTrack Vault Complete

Large chest with connected mirror, disguises exercise equipment, and provides ample storage space.

Echelon Reflect Touch

Slim, plain design offering live and prerecorded classes, heart rate zone display, and multi-week programs.

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Launched in 2018, the Lululemon Studio Mirror, formerly known as Mirror, offers a wide variety of classes with 10,000+ options, personalized training, and partnerships with popular fitness classes.