7 Best Vegan Proteins To Crush Cravings & Feel Full

Flax seeds

Flax seeds, which are generally marketed as supplements, can enhance the flavor of any smoothie or salad. Add a tablespoon of these seeds and you'll receive slightly more than a gram of protein.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts include a modest amount of vegan protein in addition to high levels of iron and vitamin C, which you may not have comprehended when you were made to eat them as a child.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a versatile vegan protein option, easily prepared like regular potatoes. Pairing them with other vegan protein sources adds extra protein to your meal.


You definitely wouldn't have guessed that artichokes would be on the list of vegan protein sources. 


Not only is spinach a great source of iron, but a half-cup cooked dose of spinach has nearly three grams of protein, which can aid with muscle growth.

Bulgur wheat

Although bulgur wheat is not as widely consumed as other grains, it can provide a little increase in fiber, protein, and iron. 

Wild rice

Wild rice is worth the extra effort, even though it could be more difficult to find than the processed, white kind.